Thursday, April 26, 2012

Using Google Drive instead of file servers

Google have just announced the release of Google Drive, which allows for easy synchronization of local hard drive data with Google docs. This is very significant for me because it deals with a requirement that I often get asked about, namely having an easy cloud store for data on your hard drive.

It has always been possible to manually upload folders and files to Google docs, but Google Drive does this automatically in the background, meaning you never have to think about it. This also makes sharing the data if you want to very easy. Clearly, this is a major challenge to Dropbox which has been the dominant provider of these types of services.

The first 5GB per user is free which for Google Apps domain administrators represents extremely cheap online storage. This is ample, particularly if users are creating, storing and sharing documents as Google Docs (which are not subject to any quota).

For a number of years Google have challenged the idea that businesses require email servers, with business email being the core element of Google Apps for Business. With the addition of Google Drive, there is now an alternative for onsite file servers too.

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  1. Agree with you - with introducing of Google Drive cloud service, Google made a step forward as its clients don't have to use the services of other companies. That is a plus for them. For example, our company has began using the Google Drive the same day it was launched.

  2. With my 5+ years of working experience in top IT / Software development firms including GoodCore Software and others, I can say this with confidence that Google Drive is indeed a sign of relief for us, its truly we secure and a pleasure to work with.


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